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When you open up to miracles, miracles open up to you!

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Welcome to a realm where the infinite wisdom and potential within you is uncovered, nurtured, integrated so that you can fully embody your most authentic essence.

This is where healing, and self expression converge into your own personal tapestry of transformative beauty. 

You are here because you know you are ready to awaken to your souls divine purpose, step into your highest timeline, claim your birthright to be truly peace and living from abdunace. 




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Hello Love!

I'm Fiire.

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Heartist, Medicine Woman, Coach and Sound Alchemist.

I am here to help you remember your magick, power, purpose and divine path. 

I am a certified trauma informed coach with a speciality in relationships, self love, addiction, and psychedelic integration and preparation.

I have been a teacher and student of the healing arts for 10 years with over 600 hours in certifications and trainings but the depth of my work has come from my deep devotion to my own personal transformation and healing journey. 


"I had the opportunity to work with Fiire for the 8 week Magick Mentorship and it was an extremely transformative container! She helped me see aspects of my life from a different perspective. I also developed a love for myself that I didn’t know I was capable of. Fiire creates such a safe, loving, and welcoming space which is so important when you’re opening up and working through your shadows. I cannot recommend working with Fiire enough! She is incredible"

Laura Voake

"Fiire’s remarkable healing techniques, energy work, and inspiring words of wisdom have helped me uncover the depths of my shadows and further opened my heart to embracing my spiritual journey to self-discovery. Fiire is infectiously sincere and truly has a gift for assisting those on their healing journey through profound meditative practices, providing a safe space, and delivering wise guidance from the heart. Her radiant energy inspired me to acknowledge my untapped potential and reveal roots of my shadows that needed necessary healing. I truly recommend having a transformative mentor experience with Fiire to anyone that is open to further discover their soul purpose!"

Kassidy Valencia
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